A.L. Host

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A.L. Host is a Swiss artist born in Geneva. Her artistic career truly took off with her piece entitled « Geneva, Fantastic Vision »- a huge model of Geneva she offered to the hall town. In 2008, she co-found the artistic performances collective « The Bigger pineapple“, while she worked as a graphic designer and volunteer photographer in the Institut Suisse of Brainworking. In 2010, she was accepted after a derogation into the HEAD (College Fine-Art school of Geneva), while she took a position in an advertising company, where she worked for 5 years. During those years, she has worked in different art studios in Lausanne, Geneva and Paris and exhibited in Switzerland and France. In 2013, she walked 932 miles between France and Spain, and was inspired by some of the most beautiful landscapes of the world. In 2014, she joined as a volunteer NUNU art and culture collective (Arnaudville, Louisiana) and then work as a volunteer for the exhibition Degrees of separation – a two years exchange between Louisiana and Brittany – in Marfa, Texas.

A.L. Host’s artwork plays with the perception of right versus wrong, and addresses the idea of (possession) and the border between dream and reality. She uses a variety of media, predominantly acrylic. Installations and performances are also within her artistic sphere.